Empower’s success highlighted in Department of Employment and Social Protection report

We are delighted to announce that an independent report by Indecon, an independent economic research organisation, has revealed high levels of placement rates through our employment programmes.

The report was commissioned by the Department of Employment and Social Protection and found that the community based Local Employment Services Network (LESN) in Blanchardstown, delivered by Empower, achieved ‘excellent’ results.

The Local Employment Services Network in Blanchardstown achieved a placement rate of between 40% for our clients on the live register and a placement rate of over 55% for ‘non-activation clients’:

  • Persons in receipt of One Parent Family Payment
  • Early School Leavers
  • Persons with a Disability
  • Qualified Adults
  • Non LR Employment Returners
  • Travellers
  • Offender/ex-offender
  • Refugees
  • Low-income Smallholder
  • Protection Applicants

A key measure of the effectiveness of the LESN is the percentage of client cases closed due to employment or self-employment. An overall employment placement rate for activation clients of 28.8% was recorded across the LESN nationally as a whole (where placement is defined as employment/self-employment of at least 30 hours per week).

The Empower Jobs Clubs in Dublin 15 also achieved a job placement rate for client of 35 per cent for formal workshop participants and over 40 per cent for drop in one-to-one supports. This far exceeds the national average of 18.3 per cent for formal workshop clients and 30 percent for clients using drop in one-to-one supports!

As a community based local development company we are beyond proud of these results!

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