Community Food Initiative

Empower are proud to announce that we are a Community Food Initiative (CFI) Leader 2022 – 2024.

The aim of the CFI is to influence the eating habits of families with children aged 8 years to 12 years living in low-income communities. Empower, has a wealth of experience in delivering healthy eating programmes in Fingal. Current programmes delivered include the free national Healthy Food Made Easy programme for all people aged 16 years and older, the Cool Dudes programme for children aged between 8 years and 15 years, and the free baby weaning programme Baby Food Made Easy.

The CFI allows Empower to expand our programme delivery while supporting community awareness around healthy eating, information on budgeting and avoiding food wastage and teach cooking skills to parents and guardians with children aged 8 to 12 years old.

The Empower CFI Steering Committee includes representation from local organisations and services working in low-income areas including Aster Family Resource Centre, Musicantia and Little Learners Crèche. Planning is well advanced for the delivery of projects to include parent/guardian and child free 6 week cookery courses in targeted areas of Fingal.

The Empower team looks forward to delivering CFI community events and projects in targeted areas of Fingal right through to 2024, in our role as CFI Leader 2022 – 2024.