One Step Closer at Empower

Empowers' One Step Closer Community Service programme have moved all classroom based training to online training and offer the following self-paced industry specific courses:


· Online Employment Skills

· Online Care Provider Skills

· Online Childcare Skills

· Online Construction Skills

· Online Food Catering and HACCP

· Online Covid Response training

· Online Manual Handling Skills

· Online Cleaning Skills

· Online ICDL


Empower is also delivering a mix of online & blended training via our Connect & Include initiative in Zoom training , Basic IT , Interview skills ,jobseeking skills and one to one mock interviews with our target groups in local schools and community groups across Fingal.


Who We Are

The One Step Closer Initiative operates as a person-centred Community Training and Education Programme which seeks to meet the training needs of hard-to-reach individuals and target groups across the wider Fingal catchment area. The programme includes a mixture of accredited and non-accredited courses to enable people to move “One Step Closer” to the Labour Market and/or attain progression pathways to Adult Education Programmes.

Clients can access a range of pre-employment skills and certified industry-specific training online. One Step Closer has developed an integrated approach to learning and development and a wraparound support system to meet the needs of people who access the programmes from across all services. Some of the programmes on offer include “Developing Digital Skills in ICT” training to Health and Wellbeing, Pre-Employment Skills and Personal Development courses. All of the training programmes on offer aim to build confidence and resilience in people and are underpinned by professional career guidance.


One Step Closer Programmes - Computer Training

  • Online Employment Skills Training
  • Care Provider Skills Training
  • Online Construction Skills Training
  • Online Childcare Skills Training
  • Manual Handling Training
  • HACCP – Food Hygiene Skills
  • Online Catering Skills Training


Computer Training

  • Online ICDL Training
  • Online Computer Applications Training
  • Equal Skills (Basic IT) Training


Best Foot Forward Programme

  • Helping you to attend Mock Interviews
  • Online Job Seekers Skills Training
  • Developing Your Digital Skills
  • Exploring your Skills and Competencies for Job Interview.



The One Step Closer Training Programme promotes the breaking down of barriers experienced by people in the Fingal catchment area, on a daily basis, by enabling them to confidently access education and training supports and become “job-ready” so they can move “One Step Closer” to the labour market.


If you are interested in undertaking any of the courses above, please contact Melanie Doyle - One Step Closer call 01 820 9550 or email