Local Employment Services (LES) are funded by the Irish Government through the Department of Social Protection

Job Clubs are funded by the Irish Government through the Department of Social Protection

Blanchardstown Local Employment Services Network

Local Employment Service

The Local Employment Service (LES) provides a local gateway, or access point, to the full range of services and facilities that are available to help jobseekers to enter or return to employment. Services are provided to jobseekers referred to the LES through the department’s activation process and also to clients who engage directly with the service.

The aim of the activation process is to assist unemployed people to identify a personal path to help them re-enter the labour market. A group information session is the most likely form of initial engagement followed by subsequent one to one activation interviews with a LES Mediator.

Jobseekers are contacted by the department advising them of the date, time and location where they must attend.

Key services provided by the LES include:

• Placement Service: Registration, career guidance, vacancy matching and placement into employment
• Progression Planning: Registration, referral onto education, training or development opportunities/programmes within the context of a Personal Progression Plan
• Labour Market Information: Provision of information and advice on areas that relate to the labour market situation, such as welfare-to-work issues; education, employment and training opportunities, including referral of the client to related services
• Mediation and Guidance: Registration and orientation; provision of intensive personalised guidance leading to development of a personal progression plan; career counselling; assistance with securing active labour market programmes and employment and post-placement support
• Client-Employer Liaison: Contact with employers, identification of vacancies suited to clients and potential training needs; advocating on behalf of clients; information and referral to job vacancies
• Post-Employment Programme Assistance: Provision of the full range of LES supports to persons experiencing difficulty in accessing employment from labour market programmes
• Post-Training/Education Programme Assistance: Provision of the full range of LES supports to persons experiencing difficulty in accessing employment on completion of employment related training or education

Note – where a jobseeker is referred through the Department’s Activation Process and fails without good cause or reasonable explanation, to attend the group information session or their one-to-one interviews, then their social welfare payment may be affected.

Also, if a jobseeker refuses or fails to participate in suitable education, training or development opportunities, without just cause or good reason or drop out of the process the department may recall them for an interview and their social welfare payment may be affected.

Job Clubs

Job Clubs provide a service to assist jobseekers to enter / re-enter employment through the provision of individualised supports, a ‘drop in’ service, CV preparation and formal workshops. The Job Club service enables jobseekers to take positive steps towards realising their career plans and to explore and follow-up employment opportunities. Job Clubs provide active, practical and participative supports under the guidance and supervision of a Job Club leader.

The Job Club aims to expand awareness and to help jobseekers understand how the application of simple techniques can greatly enhance their jobseeking skills. Through the supports available jobseekers will be more acutely aware of their employable/marketable personal attributes.

• Individualised Support: allows jobseekers to avail of practical and personal support on a one to one basis, for example pre-interview support
• Drop-in Service: allows jobseekers to avail of the facilities of the Job Club (for example internet, telephone, photocopying) at their own convenience
• Formal Workshops: can vary from 1 to 4 weeks depending on the needs of the jobseekers. A Participant Allowance is paid to those who complete each full weekly period of formal workshops
• CV Preparation: assist jobseekers in the preparation of a CV

Jobseekers must be referred through DEASP Intreo or DEASP’s nominated service providers to the formal workshops and CV preparation.

It is intended that the Job Club formal workshops will be flexible and responsive to the special requirements and aptitudes of jobseekers or sectorial requirements.

Topics covered on the workshops may include for example:
• Profiling of individual client skills and matching with employment opportunities
• Individual Employment Plan
• Understanding of interview process; the employer’s approach and the development and practice of interview skills
• CV preparation
• Registering with Jobs Ireland and uploading CV
• Letters of application and application forms
• Sourcing and approaching referees
• Local economy, employers, job opportunities
• The value of transferable skills
• Communications skills in the workplace
• Group participation and motivation
• Using the internet in job searching, online applications
• The current Labour Market

Aims and Benefits of a Job Club

• Develop jobseeking skills and techniques such as preparing a Curriculum Vitae and letter of application
• Develop an individual job search plan
• Prepare for interviews
• Build relationships and rapport
• Develop verbal communication skills as well as body language skills
• Identify individual strengths and skills and match them to local work opportunities
• Identify ways to improve jobseeking decision-making capabilities
• Explore and analyse local work opportunities
• Have access to the facilities of the Job Club (telephones, computers, internet, email, newspapers, Jobs Ireland website, and other relevant data sources)
• Develop a network of contacts which can be of help in getting work

Course Content

Training topics include health and safety, rules and regulations, the current labour market, CV preparation, career planning, job targeting, job seeking skills, sourcing jobs, applying for jobs, assertiveness, interview techniques, and mock interviews.

Course Duration

Job Club training duration is usually 1 to 4 weeks. However, back-up services are offered for as long as it takes the participant to get a job.