Interview Techniques

The purpose of a Mock Interview is to provide you with an opportunity to practice your interview skills in an environment similar to an actual interview. At Empower, you can meet with a Guidance Counsellor who will facilitate a practice interview session with you.

Our Mock Interview service covers how to prepare for both competency-based interviews and traditional interviews:


The Competency-Based Interview

In a competency-based interview you will be asked to provide real-life examples of work skills which you listed on your CV in response to a job specification. You will be expected to describe a relevant situation or work experience and why you made certain decisions. The competency-based interview is used to evaluate past work performance to indicate future work performance and also helps the employer get the best candidate for the job.


The Traditional Interview

The traditional interview is less structured, and you will be asked questions which are more usual or generic and have straightforward answers.


The practice mock interview session provides you with a great opportunity to become familiar with interview questions and interview etiquette. You will also have the opportunity to receive feedback based on your performance and advice on how to make room for improvement.


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