Eradicating Digital Poverty in Fingal


Connect & Include is a campaign to eradicate digital poverty in Fingal County. The campaign is run by Empower, the local development company for Fingal.

Over the next three years, Connect & Include aims to raise €250,000 (or equivalent through in-kind support) to provide the hardware, software, connectivity and digital literacy supports needed to lift 500 young people, families and individuals out of digital poverty.

At Empower, we know that donating a laptop to someone who needs one is often not enough to address the challenges they face. If the recipient does not have the money to purchase basic software, cannot access broadband, or does not have basic digital skills, there is little they can achieve with the laptop by itself.

That’s why Connect & Include offers tailored, holistic supports to every single family and individual with whom we work.


Alongside our service delivery, we are:

  1. Fundraising and engaging with corporate supporters to ensure we can provide local people with the digital skills, connectivity, hardware and software they need;
  2. Raising awareness amongst government, the business community and wider stakeholders in our sector to ensure the narrative changes from the current narrow focus on ‘digital exclusion’ to a broader one of ‘digital poverty’; and that digital poverty is recognised as a human rights issue; and
  3. Taking a partnership approach to this work – by bringing together corporate, community, voluntary and statutory stakeholders to collaborate, innovate and build the digital capacity of all residents in Fingal County.

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“I would like to thank you so much for all your help over the last few weeks. Words can’t describe how grateful I am to all who work in Empower. I’m currently a 3rd year student in TU Dublin studying Youth and Community Development.  Due to Covid 19, my work placement and college classes were postponed so I was given assignments and was doing online classes as well.

My college work was suffering, as I had no access to a computer to carry out this work. College done their best to support me. After being like this for almost a month I got an email from my Case Worker in Dillion house I explained my situation to her and within a few days she had got me a laptop to do my online classes and assignments.

I have now submitted all my work thanks to the staff in Empower. If I didn’t have a laptop, I was running the risk of having to repeat the whole year. I’m truly grateful for all Empowers help. They do an amazing job and really care about their community in which they work for.

Let hope I pass all my work now. Thanks again”!

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