Empower (General)

“I have received great support from all the different teams in Empower”

“Good service with a range of education and training to help people get jobs, very good for school leavers with no jobs”

“Got me into Adult Education for my reading and writing”

“Visiting the Local Employment Service in Empower helped me gain access to proper training, in order to gain a good job”

“Empower have valuable information for people looking for work, courses or funding”

“The services at Empower are numerous and very well presented. Everyone has a very professional approach and I was always dealt with in a courteous, friendly and professional way”

 “I think the greater population do not understand the isolation and self-esteem issues with unemployment so it’s great to meet others who lift you and give you hope and purpose”

“The staff were very helpful and helped me with detailed information on job offers”!

“Very helpful and informative Lovely atmosphere and friendly staff”

“The staff has been very accommodating, encouraging and inspirational”

“Treated with respect by each and every member from day one”!

“Really enjoyed the Community Development Course as gave me an outlet from family situations”!

“Since linking in with Empower, my life became more interesting and I have find more opportunities.”!



Career Guidance

“Thank you so much for taking the time to help me with my CV and cover letter. They look great and I love your perspective and input”.

“Thank you for your help and feedback on my mock interview. I really appreciate it.

"Looking forward to receiving my updated CV”.

“Thank you so much for your efforts.  I definitely need you to help me in this journey”.

“Thank you for your email and for all your direction. You have been great. I got so much from the two weeks and your guidance in particular. I look forward to reading my review. I know I have quite a bit of work to do on my interview skills.  But with your help, I'll get there”

“Thank you very much for going to the effort of helping me with my CV and cover letter. I really appreciate it. It looks much more  professional now”.



Business Enterprise

"My experience with Empower was 1st class. They are highly professional and very knowledgeable with regard to the information they provide. I received some very sound advice from them, which shaped my decision-making process; and resulted in a better outcome for me. Moreover, they are supportive in a sincere way, it was clear that they wanted me to succeed in my endeavor".


Marketing for a New Economy Workshop

“Great course, a lot of brain storming in the group, about my business, was really helpful.”

“Brilliant speaker. Good training and excellent material/notes. Confident trainer.”

“Very well presented and great interaction. I learned a lot.”

“Well structured, great presentation, style, engaged and interacted well with trainee. Well done.”

“Very useful for an engineer trying to do marketing. Some good action to take away.”

“I enjoyed the course and feel it will help me when it comes to developing my business. Thanks a lot for allowing me to be involved.”


Women in Business Workshop

“Just wanted to give you feedback on the Women in Business course. I thought I’d drop you a line to say the course was really enjoyable.

“I wasn’t sure if this was for me when I read about it at first but am delighted, I attended now. Thanks.”

Pricing Workshop

“Clear, concise informative session. I definitely will benefit in the future from this course.”

“Very informative, well presented.”

“I have attended many courses at Blanchardstown Area Partnership over the past number of years. I found the trainers and training to be of a very high standard and the new skills I learned very easy to put into practice. I would highly recommend them. Thank you all at BAP!”

Facebook for Business Workshop

“Very nice presentation and nice venue. Thank you. Great course would welcome follow up or longer course.”


Start Your Own Business Course

“Very well presented. I learned a lot even in areas I knew a lot. Well done and thanks.”

“Very helpful and very engaging style of teaching.”

“I found the course very beneficial and can’t wait to take the next step.”

“Incredibly informative and engaging course. Thank you.”

“John is great at explaining the difficult parts, I feel much more confident now especially on the Tax side.”

“Mayca and I can’t thank Empower’s Enterprise staff enough. They are such a dedicated, professional bunch of people that made us feel anything is possible! Setting up a new business is a daunting & very challenging task for anyone but at Empower they live for the challenge! Wapo probably wouldn’t exist without their advice and guidance. We learnt so much along the way”

Paul & Mayca – www.wapo.ie

“I attended many of the workshops run by Empower. They are one of the best resources I have found in setting up this business and I would recommend it to anyone. They get lecturers in that have real hands on knowledge of their area and you always come out of a session with new ideas and new ways of thinking, on marketing, networking, advertising, and the background running of the business. They are always there for a one-to-one chat and offer great advice and support. I would recommend to anyone to get in touch”

DTMC Clinic

“I have attended a lot of courses within the Empower and found each one of them interesting and relevant. Some are free and some have a very minimal fee, which is great. It’s excellent to see this within the community. If you’re interested in business and looking for a few hints of inspiration I would highly recommend the ‘Ideas Generation Workshop’. Keep up the good work guys”

Damien Deehan www.passmytest.ie

“Empower have given us invaluable help at all stages of our journey into the world of business. From the courses and workshops, to one-to-one meetings, they gave us the practical help and advice that enable us to make decisions and progress with our business. Without a doubt Empower is the single greatest resource that we have utilised thus far in starting our own business.

Rob & Steve www.motionfox.com



Job Club

“I was a jobseeker and participated in Job Club programme in May 2018. I would like to acknowledge that this programme has had a huge influence on my capacity to find the right job. I have gained many new skills in searching for jobs during the sessions in Dillon House. The Job Club room is fully equipped with computers, tools and furniture that make the task of looking for job very easy and accessible.

The programme was very well prepared and organized by a very competent and knowledgeable staff in a friendly environment. The topics and information provided are fruitful and useful and some participants including myself have been successful in finding a suitable job. I highly recommend that jobseekers would have the opportunity to participate in this useful programme in order to improve their job seeking skills and be successful in getting the right job!”


Best Foot Forward

“My meeting with Sinead yesterday went brilliant. I came out of it with so much more insight into everything discussed. It was an eye-opener for me and gave me a lot to think about going forward. If you will can you send on my gratitude to her”


Healthy Food Made Easy

“I enjoyed learning how to cook easy nutritional meals the healthy way, especially when you are on a budget” HFME Participant, Blakestown We Can Quit Group

“I enjoyed learning about the food pyramid and listening to what the dietitian had to say. Everything about the course was very satisfactory.” HFME Participant, NLN, Swords

“The course was really fantastic. The recipes are very easy and affordable – especially when cooking for a family.” HFME Participant, Donabate We can Quit Group

“10/10 for a GREAT course.” HFME Participant, Donabate Men’s Shed

“I enjoyed learning about different foods and healthy eating, getting to cook different dishes, and preparing food together. The teacher was brilliant, enthusiastic and engaging. She lovingly and passionately spread the message of healthy food.” HFME Participant, Blakestown Adult Day Services


Baby Food Made Easy

“An excellent, very beneficial workshop.” BFME Participant, Blanchardstown Primary Care Centre

“I think it was excellent. Very reassuring for a first-time parent. Plenty of opportunity to ask questions and the organiser was very approachable. Great morning. Thank you.” BFME Participant, Corduff Primary Care Centre

“Learnt loads! Fantastic supportive facility to have for new Moms. Excellent.” BFME Participant, Blanchardstown Primary Care Centre

“Some very important feedback. Two of my Mums attended the Baby Food Made Easy workshop and are absolutely delighted with all the advice. Anja was with me before lunch time and is definitely NUMBER 1 in your FAN CLUB!! Just wanted to let you know your service is greatly appreciated by all the parents, and of course, all of us too!! Well done.” Public Health Nurse, Corduff Primary Care Centre


Connect & Include

“I would like to thank you so much for all your help over the last few weeks. Words can’t describe how grateful I am to all who work in Empower. I’m currently a 3rd year student in TU Dublin studying Youth and Community Development.  Due to Covid 19, my work placement and college classes were postponed so I was given assignments and was doing online classes as well.

My college work was suffering, as I had no access to a computer to carry out this work. College done their best to support me. After being like this for almost a month I got an email from my Case Worker in Dillion house I explained my situation to her and within a few days she had got me a laptop to do my online classes and assignments.

I have now submitted all my work thanks to the staff in Empower. If I didn’t have a laptop, I was running the risk of having to repeat the whole year. I’m truly grateful for all Empowers help. They do an amazing job and really care about their community in which they work for.

Let hope I pass all my work now”

“Thanks again”!


The Roma Community

“We’re being helped in the best way possible obviously by Empower”. “You gave us hope to prove that the Roma community isn’t as some people say it is”

“ESOL classes are being provided for the ones that need employment opportunities and courses being held in Romanian for the ones that don’t have really good English”

“God bless for what you have done for us and the Roma Community and being at the fore front of it all.” Balbriggan Town

“What you have done for the community not only in Balbriggan but as far as Blanchardstown, Dundalk and even Carrick during times like this is truly amazing”.